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  Welcome to Rujas!
  Auto OEM Specialized Talent Acquisition Specialists (we are one of a kind Pan India working company, primarily  
    focused on the Auto Domain)  
  Proven track record of working on at least 10 Greenfields – Cars, Trucks, Buses and Construction Equipments  
  We manage the complete recruitment process from anchoring, sourcing, scheduling, tests, negotiations, closures,  
    background verifications, relocation support & finally on boarding… across all levels & departments  
  Clients rate our database as amongst the best with over a lakh Auto only profiles  
  Complete mapping of the Auto Market Pan India and ability to work without JD’s  
  Recent foray into Energy Vertical (EPC) arena with General Electric to assist them across - Energy - Renewables,  
    Turbines - Gas, Steam & Hydro, Measurement Control Systems, Sensing & Inspection. Additionally we work with GE  
    Oil & Gas for niche skills  
  To be a leader and highly regarded talent management organization through strong
leadership of a cohesive and well resourced international network.
  To set the industry standard in talent management services and provide customized
solutions for each client. To provide world class training and consulting support.
  To strive for lasting relationships with everyone we work with. To conduct our business in a professional manner that reflects favorably on our company and on each of us.  
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